About the dude

I am ogredale, a nonbinary, omnisexual, furry, gamer who forgets everything. How cliche. Writing, photography, and video making are things I like to do but don't do often. I spend most of my time playing video games and talking with friends on Discord. I mostly play sandbox games on steam and ROBLOX. I like basically all music but prefer punk rock or any type of rock. Sometimes I write poems and stories, you can find them by contacting me. (for now!) I have a YouTube channel where I post memes, thoughts, ramblings, things I think are fun, and gaming videos, I often start series and forget to continue them though.

I really like birds and computers, mostly the software side. Sometimes I read books but not usually; I like to read poems & fantasy stuff. I enjoy nature a lot and messing with animals, but mostly birds. When the spring comes around I am going to develop a bird watching skill to further my knowledge of birds. Video games are another thing I really enjoy. I play on PC and console, I also really like retro games and video game history. Currently, I have gathered a small collection of NES, GameBoy, some SNES & Genesis games. My favorite console would have to be the NES followed by the N64 or SNES, I can't really decide. History is really interesting too, I tend to gravitate towards more recent stuff within the 1900s. The whole LGBTQ+, sexuality, and gender stuff is really interesting to me. I guess I like human psychology. Speaking of psychology, I have a morbid curiosity about true crime. I like serial killers and other big-name criminals. No, I don't fantasize about dating them or something weird... I just like their psychology and motives. I have a lot of theories about things like psychology and philosophy or even evolution. Thinking is one of my superpowers. I live in my own little world full of confusion and wonder, but it can be fun sometimes! If anything new develops I will try to remember to add more to this but for now I feel as if I have covered most things.